Income Protection

Do you know what your employer or the government would pay you, if you were off work? More importantly, would that be enough to pay your bills? In most cases, the answer is no.

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Helping you to cope

With income protection, you have a choice about when the policy starts paying a percentage of your salary every month until you return to work.

It’s an excellent policy for helping out with the family finances if your health has suffered unexpectedly, and it could remove your financial worries.

  • If you were off work for a long time due to sickness or injury, how would you cope financially?
  • If you couldn’t work, you need to be concentrating on getting better and getting back to work. Wouldn’t you like to relax, knowing there would be money coming in?
  • If you had to live off your savings, how long would they last? 

Maze is here to help!

If you have an income protection policy already – and you’re not sure if it’s enough – we can do a review for you. 

The content does not constitute advice on suitability of product for an individual’s circumstances.

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