Home Insurance

If you have a mortgage, then you need home insurance. It also needs to be with a company that your lender is happy with. It sounds simple, but are you getting the right policy for your home? Are you valuing your home and your contents properly – and can we help you?


Protecting your home

Because we work with insurers all of the time, we know their policies really well. We know their claims teams too. We can make recommendations on home insurance that give you the value you’re expecting, at the right price.

  • Do you usually shop around for a cheap deal? Do you know if your current policy would pay out the full amount for, say, an unexpected flood?
  •  How much would it cost to rebuild your home today? Would your insurance policy pay for you to stay in other accommodation?
  •  Have you thought about how much your belongings are really worth – does your insurer cover them all as standard?


Maze is here to help!

When you’re looking for a mortgage, we’ll help you to find the complete package. Buildings and contents insurance, life insurance and more. We’ll help you to stay properly covered, with a free review every year…

Talk to us

Come in and talk to us – we can walk you through the home insurance policies we know.

Impartial advice

We work with lots of insurers. You can be sure of getting an impartial recommendation. You can see the insurers we work with.

Review insurance

We’ll help you to review the insurance you take out, regularly. Making sure it’s still the right level to give your family the reassurance they need.

We take care of it

If the worst happens and you need to make a claim, call us – we’ll do the rest.

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